When do you need a housing lawyer?

08 September 2021 Agboakiosime Imoudu

A housing or real estate lawyer represents clients in matters that have to do with places of residence. In this field, they are almost indispensable. Their duties are varied and wide-ranging. They draft and review housing transactions, clarify housing laws, represent their clients in court, and interpret rulings. The presence or absence of an estate lawyer can be the difference between a satisfactory real estate transaction and a disastrous one.

When to hire a housing lawyer

While some cities, states, and countries require the presence of a housing lawyer for any real estate agreement to be valid, many others do not. It is, however, advisable to hire a housing lawyer before buying or selling any property, even when it is not required by law. This act guarantees the protection of all your legal rights and ensures the duties of all parties are clearly stated and understood. 

There are other specific situations in which you should hire a housing lawyer. 

1. It is wise to hire a housing lawyer in any real estate transaction that is complex and difficult for you to untangle. 

2. You should also get one for any housing transaction in a country, state, or city where you are new or unfamiliar with the housing laws.

3. Whether you are a landlord or tenant, you should get a housing lawyer in all eviction cases.

4. You need a real estate lawyer when disputes arise during or after a housing transaction. 

5. It is also advisable to hire a housing lawyer in all commercial real estate transactions. Such deals are usually more complex and involve large sums of money.

6. You should consider hiring a housing lawyer if your landlord or tenant fails to fulfill their part of a lease agreement. 

7. You certainly require the services of a real estate lawyer when your tenant or landlord sues you for any housing-related issue.

In every case where you need the services of a housing lawyer, you should get one who is knowledgeable, easily accessible, and highly experienced. You can find such a lawyer at eboligadvokat.

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